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Important information to review prior to delivery

We would require that prior to delivery you submit a Google map marker of where you are thinking of having units placed for your event.

We do this so that we can address any concerns with our customers regarding the placement of units prior to us being on-site.

These trucks have 15 to 18 feet of hoses, one that is used to fill units at the time of delivery, and the other hose is used to pump the units at the time of pick up. Therefore, we must be able to reach the units without crossing any grass; if customer placement of units requires the driver to cross grass then it is at the driver’s discretion so please be advised if units have to be dollied in or out of your event for any reason (grass being wet, etc.) then there will be additional charges to the customer for units set up beyond 15 feet of our truck. Click for additional information.

Delivery Map Marker

Delivery Map Marker

Please fill out the from below with the name, email, and phone number associated with your order.
If you have more than one location scheduled, please fill out the form for each delivery.


Additional Information

  • We cannot give delivery times as we have numerous orders that are delivered on Fridays for events on all weekends. Deliveries are made by our determination by location, driver availability, and orders. We can call a site contact with a 30-minute heads-up (longer if requested) prior to delivery. Once the driver is on site the site contact must be available or stand-by time will be charged. We try and eliminate this by having the customer give us the map or placement location/s. This is only if the order is requesting to have a person on site for delivery and a call made. If the site contact does not answer when the driver calls with the heads up, this does not constitute not being given proper notice.
  • The customer is responsible for charges that may be due to damage to units, graffiti, acts of God, and all liability issues. This begins the moment that the units are delivered to the event location through the time the units are picked up and removed from the event location on the pre-determined day.
  • 1st time doing business payment is required upon delivery.
  • If you are paying with credit or debit, there is a 2% processing fee.

We look forward to doing business with you and providing your portable needs for the event. We strive to not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations. Thank you for your business

Natasha Thompson, Office Manager

White Sanitation


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